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Public Education

This Section is designed to be a quick reference to the community education programs currently offered by the Gustine Volunteer Fire Department. This information will help you as a citizen’s determine what program will best suit your needs. If you cannot find a particular safety education program or if you have specialized requirements, most programs can be modified to meet your needs.

The Gustine Volunteer Fire Department is committed to provide high quality, cost effective and proactive Fire and Life Safety Training Programs to the community it serves. Through a broad spectrum of innovative and high profile education programs, we can support and prepare the community.
For more information regarding life safety education and training, please call the Gustine Volunteer Fire Department Administration Office at 854-6804

Programs Currently Available:

Gustine Volunteer Fire Department:    (Double check with Pat and CDF to make sure this will fly and they are still providing)

 Grade Curriculum 
 K Stop Drop and Roll Crawl Low in Smoke
 Fire Drills - Stop, Listen and Go!
 What is an EXIT
 3 E.D.I.T.H. - Home Escape Plans
 4 Scald and Burn Prevention
 5 Smoke Detectors
 6 Safe Babysitting
 7 General Fire Safety Tips
 8 Countdown to Disaster
 HS Explorer Post / Firefighter/Police Department  Internship Program  

Download teachers kit and coloring book.

General Public Education Programs:

•    Carbon Monoxide Alert   
•    Fire Station Tours           

Fire Deparment