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Gustine Municipal Airport

The Gustine Municipal Airport (3O1) is owned and operated by the City of Gustine under the administration of the City Manager.  A five-member Airport Commission serves as an advisory board to the City Council for airport and aviation-related issues. 

The airport contains fifteen City-owned hangars and four privately owned hangars.  Tie-down spaces are readily available for day use.  The City maintains a hangar waiting list. 

The airport is conveniently located 1.5 miles east of Gustine adjacent to Highway 140   The Gustine Municipal Airport is geographically located in the west central portion Merced County.  The Airport is located on about 45 acres of land at an elevation of 78.5 feet above mean sea level (MSL). Located at 26467 W. Hwy 140 - Gustine, CA 95322!

The runway is 3200 feet long and 60 feet wide and is capable of handling category “C” craft, turboprops and small jets to a maximum of 12,500 pounds.

Fuel Available
Aviation fuel (100 low lead) is available twenty-four hours at a self-serve fuel island, which accepts Visa or Mastercard. For price please visit www.airnav.com.

For further information:
See the listing for Gustine Municipal Airport (3O1) on www.airnav.com.  


Gustine Municipal Airport Master Plan


For information on the Airport Commission,
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There are no available hangers at this time, if you'd like to be placed on athe hanger wait list, please contact Public Works at 209-854-6183 for more information!

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